Conform Into Shadow

Un personnage hors du rang

the shapes mixing color

with fog and quick slight

a memory with funding

the opened and conformed

lighter with em darkened tone

a wired wire while white

shimmer gone and sparkle blue

one gateway, one way

chants of gold – a rusting dust

you freeze sun breaking and scorn

it’s motions of notions noted

breathing, the matter conformed

thou whispered words and tongues

the lips seeming drying but load 

Poem by RG

Fields Of Harvest Poetry

Long Lines

Great Wall of China, Badaling

Open window; shining coffee
a paper curled, opening
newspaper dew
outside, t
he cost of cutting the tree
a shadow moving; edged, sun wet light
dropping fares
long lines
whole grain
leaving leavening bread; growing, rising
flatten silhouette; spilling wooden vault
the robin touring, still outside timing
walked away, redirecting, spilling sight

Drawing fair
long lines
hidden; smooth gestures; timber into October
spray paint beneath a careful passover
over stepped sewer holes, round turned-clock, hues
tunneling underneath
sun clothing beams a light brimming, trim

Grooming hair
long lines
drawing reins in
a paper maker, palomino racing, ribbons green
wearing winning breakers, changing yellow fly paper
two twirling leaves hung like golden curls
catching an abiding ear
long lines
waxed, sticky & new

blue ribbon beer, honey bees, lemon Rhine’s
draining the compost heap, humming
turquoise-black flies wiggling;
like sea threw squid, dancers
spinning; a cloudy ocean deep
boiled words spiced
long time
holding salt, soup Turing

Recital, a huge playing, green-bluegrass reference
clipping tool, agreement unmeant, hand holds
hands held, payment, original records
revolving door handle, real-a-state-knob
holding the payment tight
long lines
Play on the darkest night

Sublet, the unrest, grey sky, dulcimer
threw the armless; fire, mother kindling
year rigged, need needle memories pasted in place
fire places replaced the sun, fire moved the stations

turning the traffic lights
long lines
blurred rain

Song remains
in time, all the holes
in the middle
pupils pupils
recording call retained
thirsty names, puddles fused
words in your title
as we grow
we are all changing sizes
long lines
records records, a call

Night smears, long rhythm
warning mirror grains
grey sky entrails
evenly/cuffed/a plated bail
railing invisible fence trailing
cemented and armed
naming, out of the belly, poems
with warm sandy breath
need needle memories pasted in place
fire replaces the sun
long lines
try for rented space

Poem By Heather Amy Gibson

Fields Of Harvest Poetry


related origin

a Muncie Monday

for freeing the feelings

in the mercy of silent

you all matter most

when ponders and break

sadness and surrounding

a matter of matter

to end all cause and much

shrunken is the swollen

and a history mystery

no ending come near

such rejected by the host

Suddenly Wise


blue spoons and cartoons

a smile for a mile

suddenly a suspect

fan the frozen fires

instant prints of sin start

dark remarks that start

the beginning of the middle

an instant wave of wise

mellow shades of yellow

watching clocks as time stops

live and break – glass broken

prospects cross and rocks tossed

open hands fisting

lost in mist and slapped

they break the broken

and wonder in wonder

Turn Of Never


a wash of gold adorns
while waning light departs
twilight bids the sun farewell
slipping away to realms afar
a shadow’s length in time
enticing the slender smile
she answers to the tune
shining and enriched
the summer’s sweet bouquet
a painted echo is recalled

Telling Secrets


we go the wrong way
it’s a promise that’s made
seeking the knowledge
that’s been bended by brains
they laugh as you cry
some are locked up forever
it’s taken then it’s took
you’re nervous then you shake
you find the sky is falling
while you uncover the clues
some are telling secrets they know
Thor awakens – buildings shake
the flame is moving to the fuse
taller mountains seem steep
first the sword – then the shield
damage and destruction are the norm
others appear to be insane
by telling secrets that they know

Spread Your Wings And Fly


one makes a mark
a mind full of words
lift another soul
hide the shame of another
standing up to speak
when your asked, where the mask
they want to hear, say it clear
a world full of vice
to see the coming of Christ
you spread your wings and fly
trying to reach twilight
where light and dark meet
a silent heart pounding
to grant a thousand wishes
yearning for a journey
the arrival of survival
escape the falling moon
and create a rising sun