Telling Secrets


we go the wrong way
it’s a promise that’s made
seeking the knowledge
that’s been bended by brains
they laugh as you cry
some are locked up forever
it’s taken then it’s took
you’re nervous then you shake
you find the sky is falling
while you uncover the clues
some are telling secrets they know
Thor awakens – buildings shake
the flame is moving to the fuse
taller mountains seem steep
first the sword – then the shield
damage and destruction are the norm
others appear to be insane
by telling secrets that they know

Spread Your Wings And Fly


one makes a mark
a mind full of words
lift another soul
hide the shame of another
standing up to speak
when your asked, where the mask
they want to hear, say it clear
a world full of vice
to see the coming of Christ
you spread your wings and fly
trying to reach twilight
where light and dark meet
a silent heart pounding
to grant a thousand wishes
yearning for a journey
the arrival of survival
escape the falling moon
and create a rising sun

Gaze Upon The Sun


threw dark shadows I walk
in the great void of silence
a gentle, flaming touch
a creature of desire
designs like butterflies
sprawled, hypnotic motions
I looked – I had sight
the snowflakes crystallize
of many there’s just one
the energy dies down
all worldly cares will wilt
I gaze upon the sun
I’ll rest in peace my friends
while the angels sing
remembering yesterday
as I gaze upon the sun

Sole Mate


the sweetest sounds
a calm that lasted
sights passed over
a haze found in time
bare soft screams
one creaking bone
to walk a distance
he who can not see
whispers words in darkness
the battle starts over
he comes to repent
the reckless judgment calls
and laughs at the soul
a spirit in the wind
one must cross the line
and pay ecstasy’s price

Into The Sky


cities of sand
sky scrapers of green
to thrive in strict conditions
and melt away
houses made of cards
a tightrope walk, balanced
the wrong brick falls
a world buckled at the knees
as mother earth looks on
a dance with the goddess
to leap over the heavens
a living death in the sky
to seize another flight
while many disappear
and but a few fly high
up into the sky

Natural Design


a song of cradled canyons
a forest of redwood
crows sing their chorus
the sight of natural designs
nymphs and gnomes abound
the weeping filled earth
only tears to be found
fountains of fog at night
ignite the glistened moon
distant silhouette mountains
to take an ancient stance
pursuits of dreams so real
ghouls awake in sparkled pools
in their souls muttered secrets
we shiver dipping gently
and awake in a natural design